Living and studying in the UK is like experiencing a high profile urban lifestyle and enjoying the diversity, complexity, civic infrastructure and social exchange while enjoying beautiful ancient yet modernized cities with the liveliest population to be around

The concept behind CA

Student life in university campus has its benefits but it is not the only option and the preferred one for everyone. If you're looking for private accommodation, you will have to engage a relative living in UK, or a foreign real estate office, to research the market, visit your selected options in your preferred area, and help you with technicalities of signing the contract with the landlord. CA was created as a connecting bridge between you and the landlord where, compared to foreign real estate agencies, we speak your language, we know your destination and we offer our advice, based on many years of experience in the UK.

Coverage throughout the United Kingdom

It doesn't matter where the university you're enrolled is located. We offer apartments throughout the United Kingdom, based on a wide network of +4,000 properties, from all categories. 

Advice throughout the process

One of our strong points, compared to foreign real estate agencies, is the close relation we have with the advisory agencies supporting you with the university enrolling process, where we offer our advice for the preferred area and the available options, while speaking in the same language and coming from the same background.

Support from A to Z

CA is part of Commodo Group, an executive concierge company. We're not limited only in offering advice and accommodation options in the United Kingdom but we're just a phone call away from any issue you might encounter, however small or big that is. 

We choose together

We live in UK since many years. We know the place, the culture, the people. Our wide network of +4,000 properties of all categories, throughout the UK, makes it possible for us to offer enough options for you to choose the perfect one. Beside this, we advice you throughout the process so there are not unanswered questions and you get the best deal, in the preferred area. We take into account the distance to your university, public or private transportation options and many other factors that we analyze together along the process.

Not only accommodation

As part of Commodo Group, we cover a wide range of services, where our main goal is saving your precious time and peace of mind in a foreign country. Our services vary from the most basic ones like transport from the airport to your new home and up to the most delicate ones like boarding school guardianship services, mandated by law for minors in the UK, or university guardianship service, with emergency financial support etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Commodo Accommodation?
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  • How much will it cost me?
    Our service costs the same as in every other real estate agency in the world, which is equal to a monthly rent. We choose to compete with quality and not with price. 
  • How can I get in touch with you?
    You can get our leaflets and contacts at the agency which assists you with your university enrolling process. You can also use the contact form at the end of this page, our phone numbers and our email or Besides, one of us is stationed in Tirana and he's happy to assist you.

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